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Month: June 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Update!

The turkeys are doing very well… And they will soon be moving out onto greener pastures.

Check out the video!

Jenny Wren Babies in Their Nest!

What a wonderful sight to see, when you come out of your front door… A little nest filled with little tiny babies!

This nest has been occupied for 3 years, same nest and same plant. The jenny wren love their home here!


Piglets at Play!

This video is a fun one, but it doesn’t even show half of the hilarious antics that our piglets engage in!

Both litters of piglets sped most of their day squeezing out of their pen (although a few are getting to fat to make it through) and exploring the world. They started close to their mother’s pen but have since started going all around the yard, fearlessly visiting ducks, Gandalf and the teenage pigs, and even exploring the blackberry bushes.

They usually run when we approach, and the sight of 7 little pig butts high-tailing it really is one of the best sights you can see out here.

Here is a video (although it is a bit shaky since I am chasing them) that shows you what I mean…


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