The New Year is coming your way, and we all know that with the onset of Winter also comes the chill. What better way to celebrate the colder weather than with one of our whole Pekin ducks?

Our next batch of Pekin ducks will be the last batch for sale until Spring rolls around. So, now is the time to reserve your bird to ensure that you not only get one, but that you get the special rate that we are offering through December 6!

That’s right! If you reserve your whole Pekin duck BEFORE December 7, you will only pay $6/pound. If you reserve on December 7 or later, our standard rate applies to your duck ($8/pound).

We sold our first batch of Pekin ducks last month and since then we’ve gotten some pretty fantastic feedback. The phrases “best duck ever,” “fantastic,” and “delicious” have been used… So don’t miss out!


An oven-roasted Pekin

Our Pekin ducks are raised outside on pasture over the course of their life spans, and are fed non-GMO grain. They are humanely raised and harvested, spending their lives breathing fresh air, eating bugs, lounging in the grass, and swimming in their pool.

Check out our Pekin Ducks page for more information or email us at to reserve your delicious ducks!