About 4 times a year, new litters of piglets are born here at KW Homestead!

While many of our piglets are raised here and become part of our everyday life, some of our piglets are for sale!

3 PIGLETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE BEGINNING JUNE 2017! Check with us for details about sex, color, and availability.


Newborn piglets!

Our pot belly piglets are each $75 and can be taken home once they have been weaned (6-8 weeks old).


Sleepy babies!

If you’re interested in adding a pot belly pig to your family or farm or if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to ourochreway@gmail.com, call us at 336.419.0724, or like us on Facebook and send us a message!


Emma holds Half-Nose, our friendliest piglet.