We are super excited to offer Red Ranger Chicken! As always, all of our birds are:

  • Free range
  • Pasture raised
  • Fed Non-GMO feed
  • Humanely raised
  • Humanely harvested
Chickens and goose

Red Rangers free range about, guarded by Houdina the goose!

We offer whole birds, boneless & skinless breasts, leg quarters, wings, backs & necks, hearts, and feet. We are willing to package other cuts, like bone-in breasts, if you request. Just ask us!

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Our pricing is listed in the PDF below…

Whole chickens

Boneless & skinless breasts

Leg quarters

You might be wondering why we’re calling the product Red Ranger Chicken and not just Chicken. Let us explain…

Red Rangers are a fast-growing breed that does a nice job foraging and ranging around. They have very few health problems (the same as any average, backyard chicken) and if not used for meat, live well into adulthood and have a normal chicken life.

Although we raise Red Rangers, most chicken you buy in the store (or even farmer’s markets, for that matter) is a breed called Cornish Cross. These chickens are not a similar picture of health. Cornish Crosses are a super fast-growing breed that can gain more weight than its legs can support. When this happens, they can break their own legs or simply end up too heavy to stand, living out the rest of their lives sitting in one spot.

You can usually tell a Cornish Cross by its bulked up body shape. Although Red Rangers reach the same size as do the Cornish Crosses, they do so twice as slowly and therefore they put on more frame (bone, tendon, and ligament) to be able to support their weight. Red Rangers do not tend to have leg or tendon issues like the Cornish Cross often do. The Cornish Cross also tends towards circulation problems because of their freaky growth rate, and since their circulatory system can’t keep up, they sometimes die for no apparent reason. They also have a higher mortality rate in general, than do other chicken breeds.

So now you know why we so proudly raise Red Rangers! Our chickens live life as chickens, not as hospital patients, and their flavor really reflects their life.

We will be offering Red Ranger Chicken as whole birds and as portions beginning in June 2016. For ordering information (or just any questions at all!) email ourochreway@gmail.com, or call 336.419.0724. Don’t forget to read more about our Poultry CSA discounts!