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Farm to Your School!

Everyone’s heard of farm to fork, the local food movement that brought farmers and consumers closer together, but we want to go one step further.

Farm to Your School!

Kuska Winasun Homestead is now offering a way for students, teachers, and parents to interact with a young pair of farmers and their livestock.

What exactly does a farm to school visit entail?

The Pig Package

Students will get to pet and scratch a friendly pot-bellied pig. These cute pigs are much smaller than standard pigs, and are sometimes kept as pets.


Pot Belly Piglets

$60 per hour (2 hour minimum)

The Poultry Package

This add-on gives students a chance to feed some friendly ducks and enjoy seeing how distinct the different varieties can be. They also get to compare the difference between a rooster and a hen, and hear the cockle-doodle-doo firsthand.

feeding ducks

Some of our ducks, lining up to be fed


A flock of roosters!

+$25 per hour

What do you need to provide?

Nothing really, just an outside area somewhat out of the way where the event can take place. And of course, the children.

We recommend a minimum of 15-20 minutes per class, and in order to keep the animals calm, we like to limit the number of kids taking part to 20 at a time. You can schedule the visits however you like, but please keep these limits in mind.

What do we provide?

We will provide the animals and everything they need for comfort (cages, water, food etc.). We will also have some hand sanitizer available to keep all the animals healthy.

We will answer questions, tell stories, and direct the entire event.

Parents and teachers will also have the chance to purchase some of our farm products at a discounted price after the visit.

If you would like to schedule a visit, or have any questions, feel free to email us at

Kids Wondering… How Loud is a Goose?

Welcome back to Kids Wondering…!

This episode features our four fantastic geese, Audo (a male Emden), China (a female Chinese), and Houdina and Iza (female Africans).

Check it out!


kids wondering… My Pal the Snake!

Join us for this episode of Kids Wondering as we meet a snake friend that we found while digging a hole in the yard!

Be sure to always ask an adult before handling any snakes that you see in your yard… They could be venomous!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Kids Wondering… Remember, always speak with a trusted adult before picking up your own snake pals!

kids wondering… What Is It Like to Collect Eggs?

Welcome back to Kids Wondering…!

This time we head into the chicken pen to collect eggs and learn a few exciting facts about hens and the eggs they lay.

And… We have an extra special treat in this edition of Kids Wondering… We find a type of egg that I bet you have never seen or heard of before!

Can you guess what it is? Watch the video to find out…

Until next time… What are you wondering?

Comment here and let us know, kids!


kids wondering… Will Chickens Eat Pizza?

Welcome back to Kids Wondering…

For those of you who do not live on a farm, you might be wondering what sorts of foods chickens will eat!

Chickens don’t just eat seeds and grass, that’s for sure! Join us in the video below for more insight into what chickens really will eat…


So, to review… Will chickens eat pizza and other interesting foods?


And the were-you-paying-attention question of the day:

Where do you see our black cat, Dodger, in the video? Let us know if you can find him lurking about!


kids wondering… What Do Plants and Animals Need to Live?

Look around you! Notice how many plants and animals you see everyday, no matter where you live!

My two dogs, napping

My two dogs, napping


A maple tree, turning yellow in autumn


Take just a moment to think of some animals that you see everyday…

Take just a moment to think of some plants that you see everyday…

All of these plants and animals that you see need certain things to live. Let’s take a look at what these things might be, and let’s think about how an animal might need different things to live than a plant might need.

Why don’t we think about a farm?


Photo courtesy of Nicholas_T

What kind of plants live on a farm? Usually plants that the farmer grows to feed herself or to sell. Here are some of these plants:


Photo courtesy of opencontent

green beans

Photo courtesy of wanko

What are some things that you think plants need to live?

All plants need water, soil, the sun, and nutrients!


Photo courtesy of Joel Bramley

It’s pretty easy for a plant to get water… They can get it from the rain or from a watering can or hose.


Photo courtesy of NRCS Soil Health

It’s pretty easy for a plant to get soil… Just plant it in the ground or in a pot filled with dirt.


Photo courtesy of gr33n3gg

It’s pretty easy for a plant to get sun… Just plant it outside or place its pot near a sunny window.

But what about nutrients? What are these and how can plants get them?

Nutrients are kind of like the plant’s food. People get nutrients from the good things we eat, like vitamins and minerals. They are what keep us healthy. Nutrients that plants need come from lots of things, especially things that are breaking down, or rotting. But perhaps the easiest way to get nutrients that the plants need is to give them… Animal poop!


Photo courtesy of Starr Environmental

On a farm, people use animal poop (called manure) to give their plants nutrients. This is one way you can see that plants need animals to survive.

Now let’s think about what animals need to live.

All animals need food, water, shelter, and love.

Let’s look at chickens on a farm to see how animals need these things…

Chickens need food, which is how they get their nutrients. We feed our chickens grains with vitamins inside and sometimes our leftover vegetables and meat. They also love to catch and eat bugs!

Chicken food!

Chicken food!

Chickens need water so that they do not get too hot from the sun or cold in winter. Water is important in an animal’s body because it helps their whole body work the right way!

Chicken's drinking water!

Chicken’s drinking water!

Chickens need shelter so they do not get too cold, hot, or wet. Our chickens live in a little house that protects them from weather and animals that might want to come and eat them! Can you think of some animals that might try to make chickens their food?

Shelter for the chickens!

Shelter for the chickens!

Also, animals all need love or companionship. Sometimes animals only need love from their mothers when they are babies but most animals need love and a group of friends to belong to their whole life. Chickens belong in their flock and they enjoy being a part of the group. Being a part of the group makes them feel happy and safe.

Chickens like to spend time with their flock, or group!

Chickens like to spend time with their flock, or group!

My dogs also love being a part of our family. Don’t you think people love being a part of a family, too?

My dogs snuggle together!

My dogs snuggle together!

Now that we’ve talked about what plants and animals need to live, let’s compare and contrast what they need.

Compare means to look at how two things are the same and contrast means to look at how two things are different.

How can you compare what plants and animals need to live?

How can you contrast what plants and animals need to live?


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