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coveralls: a woman’s favorite garb

coveralls. oh, coveralls. i would not be the woman i am today without coveralls!

i grew up seeing my father wear them outdoors in the winter time, and when i bought a scooter in adulthood i used a pair as my safety gear and also as my dog-walking-in-winter outfit when i lived in an urban setting.

my lovely coveralls, hanging by the door and ready to be donned

my lovely coveralls, hanging by the
door and ready to be donned

i feel like women are less frequent wearers of coveralls than men (especially in public), and i can understand why. firstly, wearing coveralls disguises your body shape and on your worst days might make you feel like you are wearing a sack. otherwise, they are associated with mechanics and other laborers, and thus usually thought of as masculine attire.

despite what might drive a woman to think they aren’t the best option for her, i urge you (women and men) to rethink their value as an article of clothing! the coveralls that are quilted inside are extremely warm in the wintertime and one can simply wear pajamas (or even nothing, as i’ve done before) under them when completing outside winter homestead chores. they also serve the dual purpose of protecting your underclothes from mud or dirt. i often wear my nice work clothes under them in the morning during my chore routine without worrying at all about ruining the garments underneath. super convenient!

not to mention, anytime something happens outside that deserves immediate attention (i.e. an attack on our chickens in the middle of the night), it takes less than 30 seconds to be fully suited up and ready to run out the door.

emma, suited up and ready to face the winter chill

emma, suited up and ready to
face the winter chill

coveralls beat the value of a coat hands down because they don’t allow any drafts to blow up under your clothes, as a coat might. often they have double hip pockets, where one pocket allows access to the pockets of your clothes beneath and the other holds things as any pocket should.

i often collect eggs in my coveralls, placing up to 12 eggs in the breast pockets of the suit.

to me, coveralls are a convenience, a coziness, and my very favorite garb. if i woke up one morning and couldn’t find them hanging in their usual spot, i would have a foul day indeed.

coveralls to the rescue!




  1. Is that your only pair? I remember seeing those at least as early as your first years at Leftwich. Where does one get coveralls?? Does Jason have a pair? Love y’all!

    • yes, that is my only pair but i plan to get a thinner, more spring-and-fall-worthy pair soon! my parents got my coveralls for me, but i am not sure where. i know you can get them on amazon, at many outdoor stores, and at some regular department stores. jason doesn’t have a pair yet. he’s been using ski overalls and jackets to suit up, which means he takes a lot longer to get ready to go outside than i do! :)

  2. you are so right, and here in our very windy Danish countryside, they are called the local “tuxedo” for both men and women and my wife and I have both a pair of coveralls, making it so easy for us to get out and work in our garden no matter what kind of weather and enjoying being out door ! until recently we used insulated overalls but coveralls are just more easy and quicker as you say ! have a nice weekend in coveralls ! greetings from a Danish farmhouse, where it is now too hot for coveralls, so now time for overalls :)

    • thanks for the comment, niels!
      it’s not yet too hot here for coveralls (but only in the pre-dawn cool). i am still wearing mine for my morning farm chores but will soon have to switch them out for something else. this thought occurred to me yesterday and i found myself thinking: “oh no! what will i do without them?” such is the nature of love, i think! :)

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