They are at it again. Code enforcers, city council, and neighbors with nothing to do and less sense.

Sean Law of Longwood, FL is on the hook for $130,000 because his front yard has been deemed messy, unsightly, and different.


It is a sad day when growing food without toxic pesticides, reducing irrigation and runoff problems, and not conforming to the aesthetics of a 1950’s sitcom lead to legal action and steep fines.

Sean Law's messy lawn and front yard garden

Sean Law’s “messy” front yard garden in Longwood, FL

Whats worse, is that it appears that Sean Law’s “natural method of gardening,” which is modeled off of the wisdom of the great Masanobu Fukuoka, follows (actually excels at) all of the guidelines recommended by the State of Florida’s Florida Friendly┬áLandscaping┬áprogram. The program calls for reducing irrigation by mulching, recycling yard clippings on site, and choosing the right plant for the right place.

Sean’s strategy of sowing many varieties of seed via clay seed balls and seeing what grows best where is the epitome of “right plant, right place.” When he mows down his lawn of weeds and tall grasses and applies them around his vegetables, he protects the soil from the intense FL sun, and locks in moisture to reduce irrigation.

Yet these are the very acts he is being fined for.

Some might argue that his front yard garden is messy, and to some it is, but America needs to learn that you can’t shove your ideals down everyone else’s throats just because you have a brief moment of power. Not only is it morally and ethically wrong, but it sets the precedent for the next batch of tyrants bureaucrats to enforce whatever farcical whims of their own upon society, and the result is a slow, yet constant erosion of liberty.

The rights of those we disagree with are the ones most necessary to protect. Hopefully the citizens of Longwood believe this, and will support this man’s liberty and pursuit of happiness in his own front yard.