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happy birthday, bolt!

today is bolt’s first birthday.

we’ve started the celebration by:

  • spraying bolt with the “jet” setting on the hose while he runs around loving it and avoiding it all at once
  • filling up a little pool for him to jump in to cool off (which he didn’t want to get in and only drank out of)
  • laying in the shade
  • feeding him lots of breakfast, including some chicken eggs
  • giving him a venison bone to chew on, complete with lots of attached meat. he’s already devoured the meat and had been carrying the bone all around the yard, trying to find a good place to bury it and changing his mind about the best location every time he sees you looking at him

the video below is just a simple video showing bolt enjoying his special day in the some of the ways listed above. bolt’s big birthday present coming later today is… his very own goose egg! he’s going to love it!

happy birthday best friend and son, bolt!


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  1. Jo-Anne Rosario

    May 15, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    Happy Birthday Bolt!!! Can’t wait to see you again!! xoxo

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