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harvesting garlic scapes: get the soup pot ready!

in yesterday’s post, jason mentioned our newest version of our savory venison stew. one of the ingredients that really made the stew a success was our homegrown garlic scapes!

just as we harvested chamomile the other day, we also harvested our garlic scapes. not only are the scapes delicious, but they must be cut in order for the garlic bulbs to grow larger and into the garlic bulbs you imagines when thinking of garlic. jason explains why this in the case in the video below, and shows you how to go about cutting those garlic scapes! enjoy!



  1. So happy to see Jason in front of the camera! More please! :)

    • i know! it’s fun being the camera person when i get the chance… although he usually prefers to be behind the scenes. :)

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