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kuska wiñasun gear: jason’s new hat!

i made jason a new hat for his birthday! i was really excited about my gift to him this year because his birthday is right around new year’s day, the same time that we began the our ochre way website adventure.

i bought a plain hat and embroidered it with kuska wiñasun homestead. i was proud of the design and how i was actually able to make the words look the way i wanted them to! since i am an inexperienced seamstress (to say it nicely), i was so excited about my accomplishment that my sewing adventure ended with me breaking out in song.


jason’s birthday hat!

this year will be a great year for us on kuska wiñasun homestead. we have a lot of exciting things planned and a lot of hopes for our farm and gardens. and with our wedding happening at the end of september, we have a lot to look forward to as we grow together.


  1. Whoa, I love the hat! How excited was he?? I’m impressed :) I’m looking forward to some snow farm posts! Do you do anything special with the chickens when it snows? Love you guys!!!

    • thanks! he wears the hat a lot!
      the chickens usually do just fine in the snow (although they do stay inside their house when it’s coming down). sometimes they will come out to explore the white wonderland after the snow stops but usually you just see them inside their house hanging out together and keeping up the body heat.

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