egg carton

our new egg labels!

i’m so excited about our new egg labels.

they are simple, but perfect for us right now. these new labels are adhered to the top of blank egg cartons. so far we’ve given away about a dozen dozens of eggs–most of them in our new packaging.

on our labels, we’ve noted the chicken breeds that are producing the eggs and the name of our eggs: aurora eggs. aurora means dawn in spanish and also reminds jason and i of the northern lights. we’ve named our eggs after the dawn because of the color of their yolk: bright orange (especially after breaking open the yolk)!

at first i wished for a colored label, but since we do not have a color printer i realized that a colored label might not be worth all the effort and/or cost. now i’ve come to love the simple, black-and-white label with the easy-to-read design. plus, i think our eggs are colorful enough!

we’re excited to share our eggs and to see if any of our pals will be interested in procuring any more from us in the future…