There are officially four new members at Kuska WiƱasun Homestead! Say hello to our new goose quartet!

homestead geese

Our new homestead geese by their kiddie pond

We drove up to Virginia to bring home three females and 1 male that are about 1 year old. There are 2 African geese, 1 White Chinese goose, and the male is the big white Embden goose. Names coming soon…

We knew that we wanted to add more livestock to the homestead, and when we saw this group on craigslist, we threw the dog crate and some hay in the car, and headed up to the Blue Ridge. Right now we have them in a slide-able cattle panel enclosure, with a three sided “coop” in one corner, and a small kiddie pool in the other. FYI, slim breeds of geese can and will squeeze through the openings in a cattle panel and proceed to roam and investigate the homestead.

homesteading geese

It is extremely entertaining to watch our new geese wander and waddle about

Having geese on the farm is very enjoyable, and it’s easy to get mesmerized watching them splash in the pond, graze the grass, follow each other single file, and take turns sitting on their eggs. That’s right, they lay eggs. Big eggs. Big, delicious eggs that make you wonder why anyone would want to eat chicken eggs at all. But more on that, and other goose news, later!