duck eggs

duck eggs

Our ducks are pasture-raised and spend their entire lives outside on grass. We raise 3 breeds of layer ducks. They are:

  • Khaki Campbell (white shelled eggs)
  • Golden Layer (white shelled eggs)
  • Cayuga (gray and black shelled eggs)

Each morning when we collect their eggs, they greet us with their noisy quacks that sound like laughter.

If you bring us an egg carton (any egg carton!) our eggs are $8/dozen and $5/half-dozen. Without the carton, they are $8.50/dozen and $5.50/half-dozen.

Why Duck Eggs?

Many people ask why they should try duck eggs. What’s so special about them? Well, besides telling you that they are our favorite eggs, we’ll offer you some more information…

  • Duck eggs have almost twice as much fat content as chicken eggs
  • They stay fresher longer because of their thick shells (much harder to crack!)
  • Duck eggs have more Omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs
  • Often, people who have noted allergies to chicken eggs are able to digest duck eggs without issue
  • Duck eggs are creamier and generally richer tasting
  • Because they are creamier than chicken eggs, they are great for baking! Check out this post about all the ways you can (and should) enjoy duck eggs!
  • Check out the below PDF for more information, and feel free to download and share!!!

layer ducks

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