Everyone’s heard of Farm to Fork, the local food movement that brought farmers and consumers closer together, but we want to go one step further…

Our Farm to Your School!

KW Homestead is now offering a way for students, teachers, and parents to interact with a young pair of farmers and their livestock.

What exactly does a Farm to Your School visit entail?

The Pig Package

Students will get to pet and scratch a friendly pot-bellied pig. These cute pigs are much smaller than standard pigs, and are sometimes kept as pets.


Pot belly piglets!


Half-Nose the piglet, saying hello to her visitors.


$70 per hour (2 hour minimum)

The Poultry Package

This add-on gives students a chance to feed some friendly ducks and enjoy seeing how distinct the different varieties can be. They also get the chance to visit with a big, tom turkey!

feeding ducks

Some of our ducks, lining up to be fed


Kids pet a duck!


Kids check out a rooster and hen.

+$30 per hour

What do you need to provide?

Nothing really, just an outside area somewhat out of the way where the event can take place. And of course, the children.

We recommend a minimum of 15-20 minutes per class, and in order to keep the animals calm, we like to limit the number of kids taking part to 20 at a time. You can schedule the visits however you like, but please keep these limits in mind.

What do we provide?

We will provide the animals and everything they need for comfort (cages, water, food etc.). We will also have some hand sanitizer available to keep all the animals healthy.

We will answer questions, tell stories, and direct the entire event.

Parents and teachers will also have the chance to purchase some of our farm products at a discounted price after the visit.

If you would like to schedule a visit, or have any questions, feel free to email us at ourochreway@gmail.com, call us at 336.419.0724, or like us on Facebook and send us a message!