Heritage Cayuga Ducks For Sale

We currently have a small flock of Cayuga ducks for sale. About 15 ducks (females) and 3 drakes (males) are available for your family! Each duck is $30/bird.

Cayuga ducks

A Cayuga drake and duck (right). Photo courtesy of www.purelypoultry.com

The Cayuga duck is a heritage breed that has been recognized by the American Poultry Association since 1874. The breed is an American breed, originating in New York state. They are prized for their plumage… They have black feathers that are iridescent green, purple, and blue! Such beautiful birds!

They are a duck unlike other ducks. As they age (even during their first year) and they loose feathers and grow new ones, their feathers grow back white. Often by the end of their life span, they are all white, with black beaks and feet. Males are a little larger than females, and they have a curly tail feather that females do not have. Males are also much quieter (sometimes voiceless), and the females are thought to be less noisy than other common breeds of ducks like the Pekin.

Their eggs are black or gray, and the pigment generally fades as the laying season continues. By the end of the laying season and as the years go on, your Cayuga duck might be laying eggs that only look off-white in color.


Ducklings for Sale

Check back with us soon for information about Pekin, Cayuga, and Golden Layer/Khaki Campbell ducklings for sale this spring!