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Welcome to KW Homestead!

The KW in our name stands for Kuska Wiñasun (pronounced “koo-sku wean-yuh-sun”). Kuska Wiñasun means “let’s grow together” in Quechua, the language of the Inca. The Inca lived centuries ago in South America, mostly throughout what is now modern day Peru. Moquegua, a small town in Peru, is where we met and fell in love. We were both studying abroad, through different schools; Jason through University of Florida and Emma through UNC Greensboro. After realizing that we were meant to be together, we embarked on an adventure of long distance coordination and perseverance!


Teamwork! Emma and Jason feed the laying ducks.

The fruits of our labors can be seen here at KW Homestead, which began in the spring of 2013 when we bought our home in Stokes County, NC. It began small, with chickens and a small garden. Now it has expanded to include  over 30 pot belly pigs, 75 heritage turkeys, 200 ducks, 100 chickens, 7 geese, and 3 cows!


Jason visits with the pig clan.


One of our heritage turkeys, caught quietly considering the meaning of life.

We take extra care to raise and harvest all of our animals humanely. When they’re not eating wild, native plants, grass, bugs, and other small creatures, our animal clan is fed sprouted grains and non GMO feed from local farmers. All of our animals live their lives on pasture and all have free range of the woods or fields. Some of our animals range over our entire property (those animals that do a good job of staying out of the road)!


One month old goslings and 2 week old ducklings graze in the backyard.


Emma pets our favorite piglet, Half-Nose.


The chickens take a stroll through the grass.

If you are wondering why our website is also found at, check out this link on the background of the name Our Ochre Way.

For an exciting, detailed account of exactly how we came to be a partnership, check out A History of Our Ochre Way.

tree and love

Standing under our shady oak tree…

All of the lovely pictures on this page were taken by Jenny Tenney Photography!





  1. Hello. My friend met Emma at a babyshower and got her blog address. I also live in Madison, well we have a Madison address anyway, and we have a small homestead.

    I’ve enjoyed poking around your blog, thanks for sharing!

    • i’ve also checked out your blog and loved reading about humanely raised, delicious pork. congrats on the handling licence!!! we’ll be in touch! :)

  2. hi guys awesome!!!!!

    thanks for sharing


  3. Aaron ( Jasons cousin) Reyes

    October 2, 2014 at 10:10 am

    Hey Cousin ,
    Miss you man and i’m very happy for you , i’m impressed with what your doing out there and I was able to get online and read some of your postings. Your mom sent me some of your older blog postings in one of the care packages that were sent. I’m writing you from Afghanistan. I know you probably check this more than facebook. Again congrats to you and your new wife Emma I hope to meet her and I hope we can get together some time when I come home.Take care Love You Cuzz continue to be impressive.

    Aaron Reyes( Your Cousin)

    • Hey man,
      Thanks for the love and well wishes. We miss you here, and I think about you all the time.
      When you get back you guys definitely have to come down and visit us.
      I hope your doing well man, and staying safe. Thank you for everything.


  4. Hi Emma

    I saw your mother at Southern Lights and asked about you. You are just down the road from me and Carter as we live here in the Haw River State Park in northern Guilford County. Your mom told me what you and your husband are doing and it sounds wonderful. I hope to go through your blog and see all your adventures. Speaking of Quechua, you might remember Carter’s father is from Bolivia and Carter spends a lot time in Bolivia and South America. He has had a very interesting life! Hope to stay in touch.

    move love.

    Heidi and Carter

    • Hi Heidi!
      My mom told me that she spoke with you. :) Thanks for checking out the website… We sure have a lot to share around here.
      Yes, let’s keep in touch!

  5. oops I meant to say MUCH LOVE! haha okay. Feel free to fix if you can.

  6. Delilah Kelly

    July 29, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Congrats Emma and Husband! Glad to see my HDFS family doing great things!!

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